An Intro to TnL

On: 25, Oct 2015 at 03:10 PM
Tags: meta about opinions 

This place is Tod and Lorna Hansmann's personal writings of some opinionated nature. The only disclaimer is that we don't plan on censoring anything, though we may change things to clarify something, and we should all keep in mind what time things were written. If you want to cherry pick something one of us said 10 years in the past, we're probably going to ignore you as that would be a bad position for you to have.

If you have commentary, we don't keep that on the site. Feel free to drop us an email or hit us up on other various places. We are busy people, so don't expect a prompt response. Worry not, your plight is not of a life-threatening nature, and therefor should not be a priority anyway. Let it go a bit, it will do you good.

Good luck, and read more with wreckless abandon!